If Not Now, When?

Lugging 30lbs with me
Living out of a 40lb bag!








Who says you have to have life all figured out just because you’ve turned 30? What’s more, I feel the older I get, the more uncertainty I have about what I want to do with my life. After many years of suppressing these feelings, we decided that life is too short to live in doubt. So we’re taking the plunge head first. That’s right, we’ve traded in our desk jobs to jet off to South America! It’s perhaps the craziest and scariest decision we’ve ever made but hey, if not now then when? Sure, we’ll be living out of our backpacks and sleeping with 10 other strangers in the hostel dorm rooms (definitely no home-cooked meals and 600-count sheets where we’re going), but pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is the best way to engulf in the country’s culture and we intend to see and inhale every little thing that SA has to offer! We hope our friends and viewers can share our adventures with us throughout our travels and maybe one day, feel inspired to pack their bags for a journey of a lifetime! Cheers!

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Spirit Airlines, crappy plane but funny staff
Finally on the streets of our 1st destination